Forensical Investigations
Computer Forensics and Electronic Discovery

Forensical Investigations provides expertise in the area of computer forensics to our clients. We utilize trained and certified examiners with extensive experience in computer and network technology.

There is a growing need for computer analysts who follow sound forensic methodologies which include preservation of evidence and chain of custody. This provides assurance that the original media and data are maintained in their original unaltered state during the investigation.

We strictly follow the code of ethics established by the International Association of Computer Investigative Specialists (IACIS) which allows us to prepare cases in a manner that is acceptable in a court of law. This results in the evidence speaking for itself and accurately depicting the facts involved.

Investigations are done thoroughly, properly prepared, then documented and verified. Documentation of procedures used and evidence found is especially important. Recovery of evidence is crucial and a complete examination including erased or hidden evidence is a key focus of our examinations.

We are primarily able to assist in cases of employee use of computers to commit fraud, abuse, removal of proprietary information or alleged violations of company policies.

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